RFID Europe

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27th - 29th September 2011
Churchhill College

About the event

Some sectors of RFID have grown despite the recession. Other sectors have followed the classic hype cycle curve, but are now in the path of growth and profitability for the suppliers concerned. For the first time in many years, companies in Europe and the US are adding new manufacture volume. In Asia the huge Government support is driving manufacture and demand. The industry is taking off in many ways and in many forms. For example, Wireless Sensor Networks, a form of Active RFID, are being deployed in public buildings to save energy and monitor infrastructure. In 2011, RFID enabled cellphones are appearing from Nokia, Google and many others and the first printed RFID tags are being shipped.

RFID Europe is Europe's largest conference on the topic. IDTechEx carefully design the programme content to provide you with unrivalled insight into the state of the industry. Those wishing to exploit routes to profitability, find where the true demand is and meet customers and investors - must attend. Backed up by free IDTechEx research the complete event package is your yearly RFID benchmark.