Risk Reduction Forum 2011

Event details

7th April 2011
America Square Conference Centre

About the event

Professional Pensions is delighted to announce its forthcoming Risk Reduction Forum which is specifically designed for trustees, pension fund managers and senior members working within the pension industry, to educate them on the recent movements concerning pension scheme risks, liability growth and investment strategies going forward.

The newly composed agenda is intended to introduce new ways of thinking. It allows delegates the opportunity to gain further knowledge on the industries key issues, what business plans need to be implemented and how pension schemes can operate effectively.

Key highlights in the programme include:

ïExamining the level of pension scheme uncertainty for sponsors and trustees
ïAwareness of ETV's pitfalls and benefits - can this type of exercise reduce risks?
ïA close look at the increase in longevity risk
ïAssessing the transition from RPI to CPI - the effects on pension cuts
ïA strong focus on buy out demands
ïUnderstanding which risk reductions are most suitable for your schemes