Saddleworth Creative Network Easter Craft Festival

Event details

10th March 2012
Civic Hall, Uppermill
Saddleworth, Oldham, Greater Manchester

About the event


An Easter Craft Festival, a culmination of over a years networking and planning by local creative people in the Saddleworth area. Uppermill was always recognised as a quality Craft Centre until recent years, when developments saw the closure of the Mills that held the crafter.

The network now has well over 100 members, and sees a new generation of handmakers emerging, whilst reconnecting tradtional crafter from the original movement. As such we have old mixed up with the new, urban artists and woodturners, traditional crocheters/embroiderer and funky felt and knitting designers. 


The network is committed to preserving and sharing traditional skills, whilst newer and younger members are able to share their skill from the online generation, enabling all members to learn how to use the internet to market on line, search for resources, and how to effectively use social networking sites.


The event will encompass local traders and crafters, as well as a vintage tea, a jazz/swing singer and various demonstrations and workshops, ranging from flower arranging to urban art. There will be competitions and prizes for children, on what is shaping up to be the first of four annual seasonal events. An excellent opportunity to buy some truly unique gifts for Mothers Day and Easter, whilst supporting the resurgance of local handmakers and creatives.


New members always welcome, and you can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.