Supply Chain Management in Oil and Gas

Event details

28th - 29th November 2011
Holiday Inn - Bloomsbury

About the event

Bringing together leading operators, main contractors, subcontractors and suppliers ensures that this event provides a brilliant platform to network and establish strong relationships. Join a group of likeminded professionals to discuss recent developments in supply chain technology and challenges faced in an increasingly competitive industry.

Leading oil and gas companies will use case study examples to illustrate best practice within the supply chain. Use this extensive insight to effectively develop and maintain an efficient supply chain. For further details and the chance to register online, please visit the website.

By attending this conference you will be able to:

Comprehendthe main challenges that currently affect the supply chain; internal, external and environmental considerations will all be taken into account

Utilisethe information available to decommission operating costs and maximise profits; discuss how increased buying power (through mergers) shapes the supply chain process and plays a part in increasing funding for upstream operations

Examinethe role of e-Business solutions in developing an uninterrupted supply chain; emphasis on the importance of e-Collaboration throughout

Enhance your procurement strategy through prompt an efficient transportation, heavy lifting and logistical planning

Improveoperator-supplier relationships through effective collaboration

Adopt a transparent approach that ameliorates the procurement image and therefore the whole process; ensuring all stages of the supply chain can be tracked and accounted for 

Benefitfrom case study analysis – hear how the leading oil and gas companies approach supply chain management

Network and develop prosperous relationships with key operators, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers