The 9th Annual IACCM EMEA Forum

Event details

25th - 26th April 2012
Millennium Gloucester Hotel

About the event

Projects are made complex by the underlying complexity of the systems that are needed to support them. There are three major elements that must be brought together to achieve project success: people, process and rules and legal and commercial frameworks.

The 9th Annual IACCM EMEA Forum is the only event that focuses on the impact of contracting and commercial practices on the delivery of complex projects, featuring cross-industry, international perspectives and the unique knowledge of IACCM, the sole provider of worldwide professional expertise and research in contact and commercial management.

By attending the IACCM EMEA Forum, you will discover how to substantially improve the frequency of complex project success by:

raising the contribution and value of contracting and commercial process

turning complexity and commercial competence into a source of competitive advantage

speeding decision-making and improving business judgment in project development, negotiation and post-award execution

reconciling the role and responsibilities of internal business functions in a high-performing project and contract environment

achieving improved balance in assessing and managing risk through better structured contracts

eliminating unnecessary rules and bureaucracy that stand in the way of successful project management


The IACCM EMEA Forum will offer in-depth insights to these challenges and a road-map for their resolution. Executives and senior practitioners are invited to come together and explore how simpler contracting can help them to master complex project delivery.


For more information or to register, please visit, email or phone +44 (0) 207 368 9300.