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28th November 2009


About the event

Wow, this is THE event to be at in 2009!

Ok so firstly it will be held in the Glynd≈µr University Sports hall in Wrexham, North Wales. It benefits from excellent links with Chester, Liverpool and Manchester and the main train station is at the bottom of the campus liking us with Crewe station. And now has the Wrexham and Shropshire line linking it to all the UK's major cities. The university's facilities are really the best, and well suited to our event.

Secondly, because we are making the crafting world avalible to North Wales and the west of England, which, quite frankly, normally get overlooked despite how many crafters actually live here!

Thirdly, because although we will be having some larger companies exibiting at our event - we will also be having a lot of new/smaller companies and even some individuals too. This is because we feel that people just starting out or the quiet ones who sit at home and craft have such a vibrancy of skills and talents especially for creating the more invidualisic items, that they should be given every opportunity to shine!

Fourth, in our experience, this is the time of year when people from all walks of life, are looking for the special and unusual items, often with that personal touch for Christmas gifts for loved ones.

Also, of course, this will be the perfect opportunity for you to stock up on the very best components and equipment for all your crafting needs.

So Put the 28th of November 2009 down in your diary - because you dont want to miss this!!!

Exhibitor information

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