The Fertility Show 2011

Event details

4th - 5th November 2011

About the event

Thinking of having a baby?
Finding it difficult to get pregnant?
Want to know how fertile you are?
Considering IVF?
Looking for some answers?

Whether you’re just thinking about starting a family or have been trying for ages, find out what you need to know at The Fertility Show.

- 100 exhibitors
- 60 talks from experts
- Medical and complementary alternatives
- Leading UK and overseas clinics
- Fertility assessments and treatments
- Advice for everyone including single women and same sex parents
- A successful and proven event, now in its 3rd year

For those just thinking of having a baby:
- Zita West on how to get pregnant
- Marilyn Glenville on fertility-boosting nutrition
- Dr Zhai on Chinese medicine
- Charles Kingsland on preparing for pregnancy

For people finding it difficult to get pregnant:
- Carole Gilling-Smith on testing your ovarian reserve
- Sue Avery on the main approaches to treatment
- Paul Serhal on the fertility rollercoaster
- Allan Pacey on what men need to know about their fertility
- Raj Rai on recurrent miscarriage

For those considering IVF:
- Kate Brian on how to choose a clinic
- Natalie Gamble on treatment abroad
- Clare Lewis-Jones on what the NHS will pay for
- Anthony Rutherford on avoiding twins
- Mohamed Taranissi on immunology

Britain's leading fertility specialists:
- PCOS, endometriosis, secondary infertility
- Egg freezing, reproductive surgery, alternative medicine, mild IVF
- Specific advice for single women, older women and alternative parenting
- International surrogacy and donors abroad
- Coping strategies and managing relationships through treatment

The Fertility Show is backed by Britain's leading fertility support group, Infertility Network UK. It is a dedicated and discreet environment where you can learn about your fertility, explore your options with experienced and sympathetic professionals and find out how to give yourself the best chance of conceiving.