The Great British Business Show

Event details

17th - 18th November 2011
Earls Court

About the event

The Great British Business Show is the UK's largest event for entrepreneurs with established businesses who are looking to expand on their success. With over 140 seminars, over 200 exhibitors, advice, networking opportunities and more, make sure you don't miss it!

Featuring seminars on the below topics:

Funding for Growth:

  • Find out how to apply for growth funding
  • Hear how some of the UK's most successful business people funded their business growth
  • Find out about the growing number of alternative finance and loans institutions
  • Be put in touch with Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists who are looking for new investments
  • Receive support and advice from business finance experts

Going Public:

  • Find out about the flotation process
  • Discuss with experts whether your business is suitable for floating on the stock market
  • Be directed to sources of information and support for going public
  • Talk to valuers who can help you set the right price for your business
  • Access advice about what percentage of your business to float
  • Learn how to prepare for flotation
  • Hear from business people who have reaped the rewards of floating their businesses


Exit Strategy:

  • Learn about the range of different Exit Strategies available to you
  • Access free advice and support for planning your Exit Strategy
  • Hear how and why leading UK entrepreneurs have exited various business ventures
  • Be encouraged to think more strategically in the running of your business
  • with your Exit Strategy in mind
  • Find out how to best groom your business for sale
  • Find out what options are available for exiting struggling businesses
  • Be put in touch with professionals who specialise in Exit Strategy services and solutions


Going Global Expo:

  • Find out about the benefits of doing business in a range of foreign countries
  • Connect with professionals who can guide you with your expansion into foreign markets
  • Find out about Emigration and Visa regulations
  • Hear about leading UK business people's successful overseas expansions
  • Learn from case studies of what not to do when you're doing business in a foreign country
  • Find out about international Patents & IP regulations
  • Access help with your international finance
  • banking and taxation requirements

Digital Marketing:

  • Learn about innovations in digital marketing
  • Access free advice to help you strengthen a digital marketing campaign
  • Be put in touch with digital marketing professionals
  • Receive hands-on tuition with digital marketing programmes
  • Speak to leading UK business people who have embraced digital marketing toward the great benefit of their
  • Have access to advanced social media training

Franchising for Growth:

  • Be introduced to the key steps of franchising a business
  • Find out about the legislation surrounding franchise agreements and other legal documentation
  • Be put in touch with franchising finance specialists
  • Hear from leading UK business people who have expanded their own businesses through franchising
  • Obtain free advice from experts who specialise in offering support for businesses looking into franchising
  • Find out about how to become a Master Franchise License holder
  • Learn new skills to help with recruiting franchisees for your franchise opportunity