The Military to Civilian Energy Event 2012

Event details

4th September 2012
Catterick Leisure Centre, Gough Road, Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire, DL9 3EL
North Yorkshire

About the event

Where: Catterick Leisure Centre, Gough Road, Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire, DL9 3EL.

When: 4th September 2012.  

Free entry

The energy sector is a perfect career choice for former service personnel as many of the specialist skills provided by the Military are in high demand within this sector. Find out more about a career in the energy industry.

The event will include 30 exhibitors from local and high-profile energy sector companies who are actively seeking to employ ex-Service personnel or offer training services. We are expecting more than 400 Service leavers to attend and it has been known for candidates to receive job interviews within a week of meeting an employer at one of our events.



To preregister to attend this event please follow this link:

Attendance to this event is free. Pre registering may get you into the event quicker on the day. 

Attendee Information

Who will benefit from this event?

Past and present Army, Navy and RAF personnel and their partners interested in employment within the energy sector.

Who will exhibit at the event?

Energy sector employers looking to fill vacancies with former Service personnel

Recruitment companies specialising in the energy sector

Technical training providers and academic institutions offering retraining opportunities 

Dress - Business smart or business informal/casual - remember you are seeking to create a favourable first impression. You will require an open mind, business cards (if you have them), CVs.

How to prepare for the event

Create an up-to-date version of your CV and print off multiple copies for the event. You can use these to demonstrate your abilities to a prospective employer plus there will be a CV writing workshop which will use your current CV as a reference point.

Make sure you take a notebook, a pen and business cards (if you have them). The purpose of this event is learning and networking so being able to jot down information and contact details is essential.

Approach the event with an open mind. You will be faced with many career opportunities and pathways, some of which you may never have considered before.

Keep your skills and best attributes at the forefront of your mind. This will enable you to sell yourself when discussing an opportunity with an employer.

Exhibitor information

Energy 2012 Exhibitors

Exhibiting at The Military to Civilian Energy Event, is an excellent opportunity for your organisation to meet and interact with highly skilled and specialised ex-Services personnel. Each year, more than 20,000 individuals leave the Armed Forces. This figure is set to dramatically increase as the MoD plans to make 54,000 additional redundancies before the year 2015. With a skill shortage already in the energy sector, exhibitors at the event get the chance to take advantage of this pool of skills and talent.

The event will attract more than 400 former service personnel, each interested in starting a new career in the energy sector. We are looking for employers and training companies who are interested in exhibiting at the event, and engaging with the hundreds of potential new candidates.

For organisations interested in exhibiting at this event, please download the NOF Energy 2012 Booking form.

Exposure Potential

This year, more than 400 attendees from the Armed Forces community are expected at the event. To achieve the maximum turn out we will be promoting the event to our 10,000+ BFRS members as well as across a huge catchment area of local military communities through newsletters, local and military media and Garrison resettlement officers.

The exposure gained by exhibiting goes well beyond the event itself.  A stand at the BFRS Virtual Career Fair is also included in all exhibitor packages, allowing you to compete with BFRS' 10,000 membership base. This is an online version of the event which is accessible by anyone, anywhere in the world and will provide you with online exposure.

We will be inviting journalists from local and national papers as well as specialist publications to attend and cover the event. If you choose to be an event sponsor, you will be at the heart of all media attention.

Book Now

If you are looking to recruit highly skilled individuals, exhibiting at this event is an excellent opportunity to do so. Complete the booking form to secure your place. If you wish to contact us to discuss this further, please contact Joanne Leng, Director Business Development at NOF Energy.