The Scottish Franchise Exhibition - Glasgow

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19th May 2011
Thistle Glasgow

About the event

Find an established brand with a proven track record - and become your own boss!

If you are considering a change in career direction - you've become disillusioned with your job, because of redundancy, retirement, or you're just looking for a better quality of life - a visit to The Scottish Franchise Exhibition should be your next step.

Starting a business with a proven business model and established brand has historically been shown to be more successful in a recession than starting your own independent business.

Franchised businesses have weathered the recessional storm extremely well, which we should not be surprised about if we look at how franchising has proven itself over the years.

The combination of the wider business support, training and economies of scale, with the determination, enterprising nature and local business focus makes franchise businesses a very robust offering.

This year has highlighted this particularly well with success rates of franchise businesses not dropping even in the recent recessionary environment.

Brian Smart, director general of the bfa, 2010 NatWest/bfa Franchise Survey

Visit The Scottish Franchise Exhibition and discover a range of franchised businesses each offering you the chance to transform your career and run your own business on 19 May 2011 at the Thistle Hotel in Glasgow.

The Scottish Franchise Exhibition is the only franchise exhibition in Scotland to be supported by the British Franchise Association (bfa) and only allows franchise companies that have met the Associationís code of ethics to exhibit at the event. This means you can be confident in the franchise opportunities presented to you, as they are an ethical entity within the UK market.

Incorporating a vast range of sound franchised businesses for you to choose from, and an extensive programme of free seminars and presentations as well as workshops and opportunities to gain one-to-one advice from the experts, The Scottish Franchise Exhibition is a vital event in planning your step towards becoming your own boss!

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