The Strand Stamp Fair

Event details

11th March 2009
Royal National Hotel

About the event

A free and easy atmosphere reigns. Dealers arrive from 08.00 hrs and some not until 10.00 hrs, it depends on trains or traffic. As it is only a one day show and Dealers travel from as far away as Cornwall and Yorkshire, getting up at 03.00 hrs, some tend to leave around 15.00 hrs but there are always the stalwarts staying until the 16.00 hrs finish.

Attendee Information

With 30 plus Dealers every month you are guaranteed to see some material of interest, whether you collect stamps, postal history or enjoy the thrill of buying complete collections. For many, of course, it is a monthly social gathering.

Exhibitor information

The Hotel has all the usual services, whether you require tea, coffee, a soft drink or something stronger. The Bars and restaurant, of course, offer breakfasts, lunches, dinners or snacks.