UBIQUITOUS GROUNDS - photography exhibition by 3is3Identity

Event details

23rd - 29th February 2012
Strand Gallery

About the event

This exhibition is presented by photography collective 3is3 identity. The artists Tom Kavanagh, Tim Deussen ,Simon Slipek and Christian Kraatz offer different views on the relationship between people and places.

A variety of styles like portraits, documentary, street and fine art photography provides an insight to ubiquitous grounds.

They raise questions like: How are we defined and shaped by the place we live? In which ways are we bound to places? What meaning do we give them? And how much space does an individual need for living?


3is3 Identity is a platform for artists working towards the topic 'Identity' Due to their individual perspectives the results reflect the diversity implied in the idea of identity. Regular exchange about individual projects and curating joint exhibitions brings dialogue, growth and inspiration for artists, supporters and the curious alike.

The show “Ubiquitous Grounds” from 23rd-29th of February 2012 will feature artist talks, Q/A sessions and poetry.

You are welcome to attend the opening on the 23rd of February from 6pm-11pm at The Strand Gallery.