UCAS Education Convention

Event details

15th - 16th March 2011
Westpoint Exhibition C. Exeter

About the event

This is the largest HE Convention to take place in Exeter and is organised in conjunction with the University of Exeter, Connexions Devon & Cornwall in association with HELOA. It is expected that approximately 140 Higher Education institutions and professional organisations will be represented at the event and 7500 students will visit the convention.

This convention provides the opportunity for students to talk to exhibitors who can provide information and advice on their future choice of course, institution of study and career options. There will also be a handful of commercial companies, student money advisors and Gap Year organisations all providing the relevant expertise to help students in the decision making process. In addition to this a number of seminars will run throughout the day at the convention. These will include ëApplying through UCASí, ëStudent Lifeí and 'Finance'.