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13th July 2011
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Even more workers are being required to use force to manage conflict situations. SMi’s Use of Force Reporting masterclass equips the delegate with the techniques to complete comprehensive, professional witness statements while maintaining accuracy. This will help increase the chances of a court case outcome being fair and successful, while the establishment’s reputation will remain intact, plus civil litigation and complaints against employees will decrease.  


The event covers an extensive range of topics and offers an in-depth analysis of the benefits of completing comprehensive, professional and accurate witness reports; as well as the disadvantages that comes with writing up inadequate witness statements. Delegates will also learn a rational decision making model to apply when having to use force, which can be incorporated into the workplace and learnt by others. 


The course is headed by two experts in force reporting, the first of whom is Mike McBride, who has been dedicated to serving the public as a police officer and enhancing policing methods. He has spent five years working for the Ministry of Defence and served in the Territorial Army for several years before working as a police officer until his retirement. His experience gained from his work as a Police Officer (e.g. patrol duty, control room experience, public order and firearms, through to spontaneous command of critical incidents) makes him an ideal Masterclass leader in the Use of Force Reporting, where he has written articles, chaired conferences and advised on all matters related to security – with the aim of making policing safer and more efficient.


Our second Masterclass leader, David Challenor, was also a frontline police officer and is now a public order trainer and tactical advisor to the force. After the introduction of various types of protective equipment to use, he became the lead for Cheshire Police in all fields of personal safety training, where he managed the introduction and training of Monadnock PR24 and Casco batons, 'Quikcuff' (rigid handcuffs) and CS sprays.


Benefits of attending:


At the end of this Masterclass the delegates will be able to:


  • Explain the tactical reporting algorithm for writing structured use of force witness statements.

  • Apply the algorithm to practical conflict scenarios to produce professional witness statements.

  • Identify the areas for improvement in their own workforce’s capability to produce professional use of force witness statements and remedial action.

  • Network with fellow professionals in the protective services.


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