VIP Music Fair

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10th December 2011
Civic Halls

About the event

Record fairs, CD fairs, Music fairs, whatever you call them - welcome to the world of VIP Events! For three decades we have put record shops and record dealers from all over the world into big UK venues to sell to you - the serious music fan. offers you comprehensive information whether you want to buy or sell rare and deleted vinyl or CDs and memorabilia at the VIP fairs. You'll find CD albums and singles, vinyl LP's, 12" and singles at the events - the only genuine shopping experience for the serious record and CD collector. 

Record and CD dealers are well catered for here with help on selling, venue info, table prices etc. Make sure that you check out the MUSIC MERCHANT area - our special section for CD and vinyl dealers - lots of bulk buying opportunities without all the hassle of advertising, home visits etc.

With the closure of many independent music stores, VIP Music fairs offer a rare chance for the specialist music trader to meet the serious music fan in convenient venues.