Weymouth Bayside Festival

Event details

27th July - 12th August 2012
Pavillion Peninsula

About the event

Scheduled to run concurrently with the Olympic Sailing competition in Weymouth, next summer, the Festival will be an integral part of this amazing two week event; with vibrant displays, live entertainment, retailers, bars and fabulous local Dorset foods, there really is something for everyone. The Weymouth Bayside Festival will be the perfect accompaniment to your visit to Weymouth and your Olympic experience.

Attendee Information

With low estimates for visitors expected to be in the region of 50,000 people per day, Weymouth is going to be exceptionally busy and we anticipate that between 10,000 and 15,000 people per day will visit the Festival site, over the course of the Games; providing a cumulative forecasted attendance of between 170,000 and 250,000 people.

Exhibitor information

The Weymouth Bayside Festival presents a unique opportunity for sponsors, retailers, exhibitors and musicians to showcase their talent, brands, and innovation to more than 250,000 people, at one of the most exciting towns hosting the Olympics, outside of London.

Situated at the heart of Weymouth’s waterfront area with a mixture of high quality food, international and local exhibitors and over 50 retailers on the site, the festival will be an attraction at the hub of the celebrations. Visitors will be able to enjoy their visit, whilst soaking up the excitement of being in a host venue with top international athletes competing on the water just a short distance away.