Who's Listening to You? How Leaders Can Increase their Impact and Influence

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30th May 2012
Royal Garden Hotel

About the event

Event Synopsis

The ability to effectively communicate is at the very core of leadership. To make a difference, leaders must be able to engage their staff, customers and stakeholders in a strategic and impactful way – ensuring that their messages are heard and acted upon. As leaders, we must ask ourselves – who is listening to me?

During this conference, Dan Heath & Steve Martin will unpack some fascinating research into the science of communication, influence and persuasion. They will examine questions like "Which messages and communications are most likely to lead to effective and sustainable change?", "What will make your ideas 'stick' with your customers?" and "How can you most effectively influence your peers?"

Across two engaging presentations, delegates will learn about unconventional and often counter-intuitive case studies about the subtlety of influence and communication and will leave the sessions with practical and actionable techniques to ensure that their messages are heard.

Key Messages

- Learn about the core principles that influence behaviour leading to effective and sustainable change

- Identify the specific situations in your business interactions when you are at your most persuasive

- Explore the core principles of how to make an idea 'sticky'

- Discover how to communicate messages so that they are understood, remembered and importantly, acted upon

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