You Are Here

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25th - 29th April 2012
space fiftyfour

About the event


An outsiders view of London

You Are Here is a collaborative photographic exhibition featuring the work of new London citizens who have experienced the city as outsiders. The photographers have explored and interpreted their new environment through the camera lens, showcasing a variety of approaches in the nature of experiencing a new city. 

Showcasing the work of Valentina Culley-Foster, Daniel Pasznik, Lisa der Weduwe, Rosa Seacombe, Kristof General and Byoung Yoon, the show contrasts with the multitude of London’s local artists, as international and English photographers have allowed the city to motivate and inspire their practice. 

Although the photographers are not native to London, the work is in no way a symptom of a scrutinizing gaze or taken from a point of distance and detachment. Rather, a position of willful engagement is created with their environment and a desire to build an active relationship with it through the medium of photography.