• December13
    Cavendish Conference Centre, London

    Criminal Law Review Conference

    The Criminal Law Review Conference, organized by the Thomson Reuters will take place on 13th December 2017 at the...

  • December07
    Saint Anne's College, Oxford

    Oxford Symposium on Population, Migrat...

    The Oxford Symposium on Population, Migration, And The Environment, organized by the The University of Oxford and Oxford...

  • December07
    The British Academy, London

    Tracing the Relationship between Inequ...

    The Tracing the Relationship between Inequality, Crime and Punishment: Space, Time and Politics, organized by the The...

  • November27
    London, London

    Creative Strategic Planning & Leadership

    The Creative Strategic Planning & Leadership, organized by the Oxford Management Centre will take place from 27th...

  • December04
    London, London

    Strategy and Strategic Planning

    The Strategy and Strategic Planning, organized by the Oxford Management Centre will take place from 4th to 8th December...

  • December06
    The Celtic Manor Resort, Newport

    SRHE Annual Research Conference

    The SRHE Annual Research Conference, organized by the Society for Research into Higher Education will take place from 6th...

  • December04
    London, London

    European Security Awareness Summit

    The European Security Awareness Summit, organized by the SANS Institute will take place from 4th to the 7th December 2017...

  • December07
    London, London

    Apprentices and School Leavers Conference

    The Apprentices and School Leavers Conference, organized by the Black and White Trading Ltd will take place on 7th...

  • December05
    London, London

    Covenants and Documentation

    The Covenants and Documentation, will take place on 5th Dec 2017 in London, United Kingdom. The conference will cover...