10 Tips for Choosing the Right Popup Stand

15th December 2009

If you are having an exhibition or a trade show coming up you might want

to exhibit your products and services in the exhibition, a pop up stand is one

of the perfect choices to make. Pop up stands come in different styles and

designs. Usually they are described in terms of quadrants. Like a pop up stand

might be 3 quadrants high and 4 quadrants wide. If you need more space to

exhibit your product in the trade show you might choose a 5 or 6 quadrant

system that is 5x5 or 6x6.

Some of the exhibitions have low ceilings so if you are exhibiting in

that kind of an environment then you need to have a low pop up stand. Choosing

an exhibition stand like a pop up stand can be a challenge for trade shows or

exhibitions, some of the tips to choose a correct pop up stand for your company

are given below:

What are

the graphics made from?

This is one of the most important things to consider about a pop up

stand. Generally the stands are made up of plastic materials or aluminium or

steel. The graphics that you are having for you stand must be long lasting,

resistant towards the moisture so that they might not be corroded.    

Where is

it manufactured?

This might also be the concern, mostly the exhibition stands are made in


in the recent years the quality of the stands has improved there is not so much

significant difference among them now. But if you are in England you

certainly would want to get an exhibition stand that is manufactured there, it

will be more efficient in having repairs done or having it resell.

Is there

a warranty or Guarantee?

This is also an important thing to consider while buying an exhibition

stand, if there is no guarantee or warranty you might not get the very best.

Some of the companies offer lifetime guarantees look for those. There pop up

stands are much reliable and dependable than those who don’t offer guarantee.

How do

the graphic panels attach?

Make sure that you pop up stands graphic panels are attached using the

magnet to metal method. 

Does it

include Lighting?

Lighting is another important thing that you might consider in a pop up

stand, if the exhibition is at night then a perfect matching lights would allow

you to attract more visitors than others.

What Kind

of Case does it come with?

Most of the stands come with a wheeled case, which is easy to move around

with. The case should be covered in nice looking graphics; if the case is not

covered with graphics make sure you get one for it.

Who will

store it?

You might consider a company that will store and dispatch the stands for

you. In this case they are in a safer condition rather than keeping them to

your selves.


experienced is the company that you are buying from?

This matters a lot, the company that you are going to have a pop up

exhibition stand from must be reliable, and the services they offer must be good and

quick. The experience matters a lot see for how long they have been serving.