3 Things To Consider When Ordering Menu Covers

6th May 2010

What is the best way to present your house special? Mascots

and loudspeaker announcements seem too over the top. Pitching repeatedly to

every customer sounds exhausting. So, how can you best show customers what your

restaurant has to offer in a simple yet classy and modern way?

Menu covers, that is how.

Using a high quality cover for your menu is an effective way

of highlighting your menu or beverage list, as well as enhancing your

customers’ dining experience. Isn’t it impressive to present a menu in such a

way that conveys professionalism, good service, and attention down to the

smallest detail? Moreover, wouldn’t it make anyone special to be treated like a

king or queen for a day?

Good presentation is not just for food; superior service is

not just for serving and attending to guests. Presentation and service are also

about the simple detail of handing a well-thought out menu in an impressive

menu cover. That seals the deal for creating a good impression for your


Menu covers come

in a variety of styles with different materials. Here are three major styles

popular among restaurateurs:

1. Classic – this

kind has the bonded leather material. Embossed business name on the cover in

the form of laser etched wooden plate or embossed metal plate is a favored

look. It gives fine dining establishments their deserved elegant ambiance.

Other designs have silk lining, clear inner pockets for a striking

presentation, and foiled debossing.

Classic covers for menus set the tone for a sophisticated

dining experience.

2. Contemporary – this

modern style is timely for the trendy and fast-paced world of the restaurant

business. The ever-evolving designs in restaurant interiors and the

developments in food and beverage have made contemporary menu covers ideal for

those who want to give their business a trendy and current ambiance. It is a

bold design with a sleek construction and definitely, a striking appearance.

A book cloth over raised panels without stitching or metal

corners in particular, is an innovative take on styling these covers.

3. Casual – this

kind is mostly seen in more relaxed dining places where the food, service, and

ambiance are laidback. Informal defines the experience when dining in such

places such as diners and cafes hence, covers that have similar feel are made

of clear or mat-finished plastic.

These three designs are popular, but you can always

custom-made your menu covers to your specifications on how you want them to

suit your restaurant. You can always design as you wish from the selection of

color and material to the size and artwork. Of course, for branding purposes,

it is always a good idea to print your business name and logo on the cover.

This gives the menu cover a personalized look and not just a generic one your business

uses for placing and protecting your menu. Remember, presentation is important.

Create a unique feel to your restaurant by choosing the

covers that reflect your establishment. Better yet, have high quality covers

that can represent your business name. The food is vital in the restaurant

world and the service crucial for reputation. Both can make or break a

business. However, little things that may often be overlooked contribute to the

over-all impression you give, especially to potential regulars. You will never

go wrong with menu covers that enhance anyone’s experience in your restaurant.

Given this, expect loyal customers to come knocking on your restaurant door.