04th January 2010

A Bespoke Exhibition Stand and how it benefits your company

So, what is a bespoke exhibition stand, and how can it benefit your company?

So, what is a bespoke exhibition stand, and how can it benefit your company? Well, bespoke stands are simply exhibition stands custom built to your specifications and needs. Of course there are a lot of companies on the market, offering you cheap or modular exhibition stands, some of which are even designed to be so simple to put together that they almost rate being 'do it yourself' jobs. 

However, in the cut-throat world of business competition it pays to stand out of the crowd and be noticed. Think about it - at an exhibition that will in all probability be attended by all your competitors, each trying to represent his or her company as best they can, and to oust and overshadow the competition, just how important is it to be noticed? And the logical answer, is of course, that it is crucially important.

Of course, a bespoke exhibition stand is not the only way to attract attention. You could also use beautifully designed banners, for example, or have people hand out leaflets. But these are all things that your competition can and will be doing. So your best strategy would be to go in for a custom designed and built exhibition stand. Just how much of a difference would that make, do you ask. A world of difference, as you will see for yourself if you just take a look at some of the exquisite designs on the market today.

Of course, a custom exhibition stand can come in a number of varieties and designs. A pop up bespoke exhibition stand, for example, attracts attention and draws the eyes of potential customers. Banner stands are great for crowded exhibitions where your first priority is to attract people within 'range' of your stand. Then there are flexible stands that can be folded and packed away and shipped to the next location, great for a company that holds a lot of exhibitions. And of course these can also cut costs significantly, as they can be moved around the country, rather than having a separate construction at each location.

But the best stands are those that are created by a design team to actually represent the spirit of your company. This sort of bespoke exhibition stand can become as distinctive as your company logo, where people automatically point to your display and say 'Oh, that's the exhibition of so-and-so company.' These stands are so brilliantly designed and so utterly distinctive that they just cannot be mistaken for someone else's display. And this, ultimately, is the kind of stand that you need.

There are lots of professional design companies who will build your stand for you from the ground up. This includes initial consultations in which the designers will try to assess the image that will be 'right' for your company. Then there will be sketches, and, in all probability, 3D digital constructions of the bespoke exhibition stand, so that you can see exactly what it will look like when it is finally complete. Finally the designs will be handed over to the construction teams, who will do the actual building of the stand components. Remember that you can ask for a modular or easily dismantleable design - this can be extremely useful, and can cut costs drastically, besides cutting down on storage space requirements when the stand is not in use.

The cost of a custom designed stand might be higher, but the advantages in the long run, especially in extra earnings for your company, are more than enough to cancel this out. Shop around, choose your design company carefully, making sure to examine their past work, and do not scrimp on costs - doing that might mean that the business that is rightfully yours goes to the company next door.