A Bespoke Exhibition Stand Enhances Your Advertising And Branding Efforts At A Tradeshow

26th April 2010

A bespoke exhibition stand is designed to enhance your advertising and

branding efforts at a tradeshow or convention by turning your booth into

more than just a display. Whenever you have the opportunity to control

how your company perceives you, it is important that you do so. This is

particularly important if you are interested in branding to potential

new clients. When you are branding your business the length of time that

you hold the attention of your customer is very important. Branding is

part being noticed by the customer and part being remembered by the

customer.  Because of this, you want a display that stands out from the

others around it.

The bespoke exhibition stand is only the first

stage of setting up an exhibition that will be remembered. You need to

design your display around your business. By making use of free standing

banners and banner walls, it is possible to completely immerse your

customers in a unique experience that will stand out among the

competition. In order to do this, you must make certain that you make

use of all design elements. Some of these elements include colour,

balance and the focal point of the eye. Colours can be used to

manipulate the mood of your customers to what you want. Balancing your

exhibit is important as well. A good balance will allow your customer to

see the exhibit as a whole. Finally, you need to keep the focal points

in mind. The focal point, or what the customer sees first, is vital in

ensuring that you get the right message across to your customers. A

properly designed exhibition will make use of the focal point and use

elements to control how the customer experiences your booth.


you place your order for a bespoke exhibition stand, there are a few

things that you will need to remember. First, the stand must be

partnered with high quality banners. No matter how expensive or good

quality the stand is, your exhibit will not be successful without

banners that properly fit the stand. If you already own your own

banners, it is vital that you pick only the stands that perfectly fit

your banners. Poorly fitted banners will look unprofessional and take

away from the appearance of your exhibit as a whole. This can be avoided

by making certain to accurately measure your banners. Many businesses

will choose to buy new banners with their stands to ensure that they

have a perfect match between banner and the stand. However, if you are

doing a single event, you may want to rent your exhibition stands and

invest in just the banners, which can be reused at later events.


you have purchased or rented your bespoke exhibition stand, it is

important that you take proper care of the banners and the stands.

Banners and stands should be stored in a cool, dry place that is not

exposed to sunlight. Sunlight can cause the material of the banners to

fade. Moisture can cause unpleasant discolorations and ruin the banners.

Banner and stand should be wiped clean and dried prior to storing.