10th November 2009

A Credit Terminal For All Types of Credit Card Processing

When you shop for a credit terminal, you must give weight to the different types of credit card processing that you may need for your business.

When you shop for a credit terminal, you must give weight to the

different types of credit card processing that you may need for your

business and purchase or lease the equipment that will allow for all of

those types of processing. If you aren't sure as to which types of

processing you will need, take a look at the information included here.

  • Point

    of Sale Processing - This is credit card processing that takes place in

    person, in the location where the sale is being made - at the point of

    sale. Point of Sale is often abbreviated as POS. It typically requires

    the presence of credit card processing equipment, and the presence of

    the person who owns the credit card.

  • Online Processing - This

    type of processing actually requires software on your computer, with a

    merchant account and a payment gateway. Online processing does not

    require the presence of a credit terminal. Obviously, this is not

    typically used for POS; it actually can be used in this way as well.

    Often, you will have the ability for POS processing with equipment, and

    the ability to accept online processing as well - as an added bonus.

    Online processing is available for customers, but it is also possible

    to use online software to process cards yourself - without the

    customer, which leads us to telephone and mail order processing.

  • Telephone

    and Mail Order Processing - This is for orders that are taken either

    over the telephone, or through the mail. Obviously, in both instances,

    the actual credit card is not present, and neither is the owner of the

    card. Not all merchant accounts will allow for this type of processing,

    however when these are allowed by your merchant account, you will

    typically do this type of processing with computer software. Special

    rules always apply when the credit card is not present, and you need to

    discuss this with your merchant account service.

  • Mobile

    Processing - Mobile processing is any processing that you do away from

    your usual place of business. For mobile processing, you need a mobile

    credit terminal. Mobile processing is needed at trade shows, expos, and

    many other instances where you can conduct business away from the

    office or store. There are numerous devices available for mobile

    processing. These devices are typically very small, and do not weight

    much, making them quite portable.

  • Swiping Options - Different

    equipment has different swiping options - either you will swipe the

    card for the customer, the customer will swipe the card themselves, or

    you will input the credit card numbers using a keypad. If customers

    will swipe the cards themselves, you will need an external swiping

    device with a keypad in most cases.

Again, make sure

that you are getting the Credit Terminal that will allow for the type

or types of credit card processing that your business needs. Your best

bet for the money is to find physical terminals that also offer you the

option of using software for online transactions as well, so that you

can serve customers locally and globally.