A Custom Built Exhibition Stand Increases The Performance Of Your Advertising And Branding Efforts

26th April 2010

A custom built exhibition stand is an excellent alternative for

businesses that are seeking to improve the performance of their

advertising and branding efforts at conventions and trade shows.

However, there are a lot of things that you need to remember if you want

to use custom stands for your exhibitions. The process to select and

build your stands can be complex. First, you need to have a good idea of

the type of display you want. This is critical for determining what

types of special stands that you require. Because there are so many

different manufacturers of stands, there are often generic stands that

can fit a lot of needs. If you are interested in custom stands, you need

unique ideas that cannot be worked around with the variety of stands

that are available. Curved banner walls are one style of banner system

that often requires customized stands. Once you have your ideas, you can

proceed with getting your stands designed.

The process for selecting a custom built exhibition stand is more

complicated that purchasing a standard stand. When you purchase a

premade stand, you would select the stands that you want and then fit

the banners to them. In this case, you will design the banner layout

that you want and then fit the stands to your banners. By doing this,

you are granted a perfect fit of banner to your stand. In addition to

this, you have a great deal more flexibility. Because branding and

advertising both rely on the ability to draw and keep your customer’s

attention, having flexibility to pick the best designs is an asset.

However, it is important to also realize that customized stands will

cost you more than standard, premade stands. You will need to weigh the

benefits of the cost versus the performance advantages you receive. If

you are participating in a large scale trade show or convention where

there is a lot of competition, it is even more important that your

exhibit stands out as much as possible.

Because of the extra work involved in designing a custom built

exhibition stand, make certain that you give yourself extra time to

place your order. You will want to plan the time you allow for the

project based off of several factors. First, if you already have a plan

for your banner system, the proposal and quote process will not take as

long. However, if you do not have a design established, you will need to

allow sufficient time. Depending on your needs, this can take several

business days to several weeks. The more in depth and large scale that

your exhibit is the longer that the design process will take. Once you

have finished your design and the proposal and quote are approved,

manufacturing can begin. It typically takes several business days for

the stands to be produced. Once the stands are manufactured, anticipate

two to five business days for the banners to be manufactured. The time

may vary depending on the complexity of your design. The more complex

that your banner system is the longer it will take for them to be