17th March 2010

A Guarantee of Excellence with Conference and Event Organisers

Conference and Event Organisers are those who ensure excellence in the organisation of events.

Conference and Event Organisers are those who ensure excellence in the organisation of events. They help to develop and enhance the professional status of conferences and events so that it will increase the recognition of their client in the world of consumerism.

This group of professionals will accept and deliver your project, perfectly and successfully, taking the burden of organising off your shoulders and leaving you to concentrate on your daily routine work and other matters.

Given below is a general list of responsibilities which are taken over by these event managers. Most clients select from this list, or even request these organisers to take on an additional activity. Many of the Conference and Event Organisers that are available today are very flexible and are always willing to accommodate their client’s requests:

  • Selecting a brand and logo for your conference – you can either use your own selection or let the organiser create an appropriate brand and logo.
  • Create and design a website for delegates to obtain information, register and choose the workshops/seminars they wish to attend, make payments etc.
  • Planning of a marketing campaign and design the invitation mailings
  • Provide advice on planning out of the agenda, speakers and time management
  • Provide the client with an experienced team to manage the event and to report to you regularly at team meetings
  • Conference and Event Organisers will help identify the ideal venue or a series of venues
  • Provision of a registration desk and adequate onsite support
  • Design sponsorship packages
  • Create a combined exhibition area
  • Liaise with exhibitors and sponsors
  • Contact, discuss and plan out talks with resource persons and other contributors
  • Provide audio visual support, stage set backdrop and any interior décor
  • Produce delegate packs
  • Design and produce delegate badges
  • Organise recreation activities
  • Organise receptions, gala dinners and entertainment
  • Recommend professional hosts and facilitators
  • Organise hotel accommodation for delegates – if required
  • Organise transportation facilities if venue is far from places of residence

All Conference and Event Organisers offer individual comprehensive packages for the management of events. It is up to the client to study these packages, negotiate and then decide on the best company to work with.

Costs for these events will always represent value for money. Most often event management organisations offer their packages in itemised costs. It is up to the client to choose what is most suited for them. When the costs are offered in this manner, it clearly shows the categories and what costs are involved for each item. They also offer the facility of splitting costs into core items – which are essential and ‘good-to-have’ options and which can also be omitted if budgets are tight.

They also possess a good understanding on the needs and objectives of both, the public and corporate sectors when it comes to the organising of events. Together, they will create a partnership to produce and deliver an exceptional event which will always exceed the client’s expectations.