17th December 2009

A Magnetic Notice board Can Be Used for More than Notices

If you’ve considered getting a magnetic notice board for your business or organisation, but decided against it, you may want to rethink your decision.

If you’ve considered getting a magnetic notice board for your business or organisation, but decided against it, you may want to rethink your decision. These are essentially white boards that serve many, many purposes. They aren’t just used for notices. Take a look at the various ways that you can use white boards within your organisation. 

● Designing new products or schematics – Whether employees are working alone or in groups, larger white boards can be used during the design process or the planning process. These are invaluable tools that are often used in planning meetings, or while working out schematics or diagrams. Because erasing is very fast and easy, this actually speeds the process of planning or designing up quite a bit as well, and unlike design or planning programs used on computers, multiple people can work on white boards at the same time. 

● Personal Notes – Often within an organisation, the need to leave personal notes, or business related notes, for various employees exists. This can be done with a smaller magnetic notice board either outside or inside of individual offices or work spaces. This also reduces paper waste, because at one time message pads were used, and it also helps to avoid any missed communication within the organisation as well. 

● To Do Lists – What company doesn’t have employees that work from to-do lists? It is a proven fact that when a list of things that need to be done or accomplished exists, people are more productive. Because the information can be erased, employees can easily erase those tasks that have been accomplished, or add new tasks as the need arises – with ease and quickness. 

● Project Goals or Achievements – a magnetic notice board is perfect for notifying interested parties within your organisation about project goals, as well as project achievements or progress that has been made. This information is often vital to the overall success of any project, and it also helps to keep employees motivated and on track to reach project goals. You can also include deadlines with the goals on the white board, which again, helps to keep everyone on track. 

● Notices – naturally, your white boards can be used for notices. You can change information as often as you like, since the writing easily erases. You can notify employees of meetings, project deadlines, safety records, job openings, special occasions, or anything else that you might need to notify your employees about. Make sure that everyone knows to use dry erase markers, or put one person in charge of writing notices on the board. 

Never think for a single minute that a magnetic notice board is only useful for notices. As you can see, there are a wide variety of uses for these white boards, and you and your organisation can use them however you wish for the most part – as long as you never use the wrong type of markers on the boards. Also, realise that you can purchase a variety of magnets, including magnetic letters, if this is preferred to dry erase markers as well.