16th April 2010

A Roller Banner Stand Can Be Used Inside and Outside Too

A roller banner stand is an exhibition item which allows you to carry your graphics rolled.

A roller banner stand is an exhibition item which allows you to carry your graphics rolled. It works like a window shade, but in opposite direction. Everything you have to do is to place a metal base and to pull the graphics up.  The main component is this item include a base, telescopic stand and mounting hardware. A telescopic stand can be extended to the size you need. Normally the height of a typical roller banner is around eighty inches,  and the width ranges from thirty six to forty eight inches. But of course you can find other sizes as well. Or perhaps even to order a custom banner with  required measurements. As you can see, the way ti works is very simple, but at the same time the potential of such banners is enormous.

One of the advantages of a roller banner stand is its portability: made of light weight materials, it is easy to carry and relocate if required. Usually these banners come with a nylon carrying bag, which is very convenient in use, and you can easily take your banner to trade shows, exhibitions, festivals, sale venues, sport stadiums, markets and so on. Any place with a large amount of people is suitable for your promotional needs, but with a big heave construction of an exhibition stand you would not be able to visit all of them. With a light banner you can set up your presentation pull in customers in seconds.

A roller banner stand is specially designed to grab attention of a crowd, and with the modern achievements of technical progress you can get your banner even more effective. For example, you can choose one with a built in system of lighting – in this case there is no need to limit yourself to displaying a banner only in day time. You can go on promoting your company even in the evening or even at night, if it is a twenty four hours event. Moreover, you can use a screen instead of graphics, so your promotional message will be animated – in many cases it works better than a static display.

A roller banner stand can be also adjusted to outdoor events: in this case make sure your graphics have special protection against rains, dust and bright sunlight. When buying a banner, do not forget to specify that you are going to use it as an outdoor exhibition stand, and your manufacturer or supplier will offer you a model with a heavier base. In this case your banner will be wind resistant.

Usually suppliers can provide you lots of additional services, such as designing your graphics, printing and laminating them. Their consultants can give you an advise in case you find it difficult to choose a right model out of a great number of items available on the market.

Check out the websites for a suitable roller banner stand: lots of companies even offer you to make a 3D model of your perfect stand, and they will manufacture it according to your specifications. An exhibition stand is a reflection of your company, and it is a natural desire to get the best one.