A Swipe Machine Is Reliable And Fast

10th December 2009

When a business is looking to increase sales they must look at the most

important factors.  These factors are that what ever option they choose

it must be reliable and fast.  Another important aspect is the fact

that the option must be cost effective.  A swipe machine or PDQ

terminal is a way to accomplish a business’s goals without compromising.

The equipment is very reliable, fast, and cost effective.  Installation

is a breeze and obtaining a merchant account for sales is simpler than

ever.  There are many options when considering where a business should

get a merchant account from but it is important to do research and find

the best deals.

Each company will have an established set of fees as well as other

costs when setting up the account.  Some companies will offer free

equipment.  This sounds very enticing; however it is important to

acquire the right machines for the job.  A business can determine what

type of machine is needed by simply answering a few questions about


Some of the most important questions when acquiring a swipe machine are:

• Is it portable or in-store?

• Is a printer available/accessible?

• What fees are associated with the machine?

• Is the machine consumer friendly?

• Are transactions instantaneous?

• How much does the equipment cost? (Payment gateway, etc.)

The use of these terminals has become very popular and the demand for

new technology seems to increase with each passing day.  In a given day

it is common to pass by 25 or more of these terminals just on your

daily routine.  Each store you visit probably has several located on

their countertops.

Whether or not your business requires a portable or in-store terminal

is very important.  Portable terminals used to be mainly for traveling

or seasonal merchants however they are now used more commonly by all

types of retailers.  The reason for the higher demand of these types of

a swipe machine is the increasing demand for purchasing over the

internet or via telephone.  A portable terminal allows for the credit

card or debit card numbers to be entered in manually instead of the

usual swiping.

If your business does not have an internet presence or telephone

ordering nor plans to get them in the future then in-store terminals

are suggested.  These terminals sit on the counter and require the

consumer to swipe their credit card or debit card and follow the

instructions provided on the screen to complete the transaction.

This machine can be vital to the success of business.  Allowing

customers access to purchasing items or services using a credit card of

debit card has become a constant part of sales.  Each day that a

business does not accept credit cards or debit cards they are costing

themselves valuable sales.

Your business should have a merchant account set up and equipment

installed as soon as possible to maximize the potential for sales. 

Consumers are more inclined to make bigger purchases using credit cards

than at any other time in history.  Accepting cash and credit cards with PDQ machines  is the

way of a dying business; do not let your business die.  Set up a swipe

machine today and let your customers commence swiping!