A Twist Banner Stand Can Be Built Around A Corner

16th April 2010

In a world where banner stands are available in all shapes and sizes

and built to every possible parameter, a twist banner stand is an

innovation that nevertheless stands out from the crowd. And not only is

it brilliantly original, but it has been proved to be effective in a

brand building strategic campaign. It has been used effectively time

and time again by business owners world wide, both while visiting trade

exhibitions and in the course of other publicity related campaigns – in

most cases of practical experiment, a twist banner has proven it's


So what exactly is a twist banner – how does it work, and more

importantly, how can you make it work for you in ways that will enhance

your brand building strategies? Well, the basic principle of a twist

banner stand is that you can merge separate parts to create a composite

whole. This is done by making use of a special twisted frame, hence the


Now the interesting thing is that this sort of a stand can be built

around a corner, if necessary, or, if you are more conventional,

alongside a wall. You see the possibilities – not only does it give an

original look to your display, but it also utilizes alloted space in

the most efficient possible way. And of course the area available for

your graphics display, as well as for your company name and logo, is


With so much area available, you can afford to not just put in the

above, but can also include on the display area of your twist banner

stand things that don't always fit on a banner – contact numbers and an

address, for example – perhaps even a short description of the services

you have on display. And a twist banner is lightweight and easy to set

up – this means that you can save on manpower as well. A set of your

employees could set up the stand, as well as arrange to pack and ship

it when an event is done.

This is a huge saving – if you hired professionals, remember that they

would charge by the hour, so it is a considerable advantage that you

can do without them. The simple fact is that an innovative twist banner

stand uses all the advantages of modern technology, and turns them to

your advantage, thus pushing your brand marketing campaign into the


The applied technology that makes a twist banner work is really very

simple to use and set up – not only does the banner have a stand that

comes with it, and allows you to set up the display reliably, but most

manufacturers will also supply you with lighting with concealed cables.

The fact that the display is equipped with its own reliable lighting

means that it is twice as likely to attract the attention of potential

customers, especially at night.

Remember that a twist banner stand can be used anywhere and everywhere

– put it in a hotel lobby where delegates to a trade event will be

arriving, and put them in the right mindset to endorse and invest in

your products and services. Supermarkets, airports – the sky is really

the limit with these interesting and exceedingly useful banner stands.