16th April 2010

A Twist Banner Stand Is A New Type Of Banner Stand

A twist banner stand is one of the newest exhibition products available on the market.

A twist banner stand is one of the newest exhibition products

available on the market. However, it has already proven to be an

extremely effective promotional tool. Lots of business owners have

already tried this kind of exhibition item in the course of their

promotional campaign while visiting numerous trade shows, exhibitions,

sales, fairs and other events of that sort, and the results of

exhibiting twist banners are more than satisfactory. Thanks to a

special design of this stands you can create a backwall display of

different length: all you have to do is to join individual parts

together. In fact the very name of this stand specifies its ability to

link the parts using a twisted frame.

You can build your twist banner stand along the wall or even around the

corners, which will make it possible to use the space in most effective

way. This kind of stand offers you a huge printing areas for your

promotional messages, logo, contact information, description of goods

and services and so on. At the same time twist banners are not bulky,

so it will not be necessary to hire professionals to assemble,

dismantle, transport and rearrange the stands. It is extremely easy to

set up: you can do it yourself or leave it for your agent. These

banners are very agile, light weight, portable and compact. They are

really exhibition products of a new generation, with all the best key

features to make your promotional campaign fascinating and successful.

Each twist banner stand usually comes with metal stand and exhibition

system of lighting, which can be used for enhancing your presentation.

Do not worry that the cables will spoil the look of your stand: they

are carefully hidden in the slots. The lights will illuminate the

graphics in the darker hall, so the visitors will have a chance to see

every bit of your advertisement.

Twist banners are exceedingly firm and stable thanks to their steel

base: you do not have to worry that your stand will suddenly fall down

in the course of a trade show, ruining your presentation or even worse

– hurting a visitor or your team member.

A twist banner stand can be used not only during trade shows, but also

in hotel lobbies, waiting halls of an airport, at the post office, in

the library hall, in the supermarkets and shopping centers. Unlike

smaller exhibition items, they ensure a better visibility, so there are

more chances for you to get noticed. Make sure to include the elements

of something exciting, unique and unusual into your promotional message

and images. People should not get even more bored reading your text

while standing in the long line to get an air ticket or waiting for a


This kind of stand is a reusable item, and you can take it to the 

trade shows over and over again. Make sure that you store your twist

banner stand properly, so it will save its attractive look and

brightness of the graphics.

It is obvious that other types of exhibition banner stand just cannot

compete with twists when some particular aspect are concerned, that is

why they are getting more and more popular.