11th November 2009

A Wireless Credit Card Terminal For a Wireless World

If you are still processing credit cards with devices that are outdated, you definitely need to upgrade to a wireless credit card terminal.

If you are still processing credit cards with

devices that are outdated, with wires running all over your place of

business, you definitely need to upgrade to a wireless credit card

terminal. Our world becomes more wire free every single day, as newer

technology is invented and utilized. We have had wireless telephones

for some time now. We have wireless computers, wireless laptops, and

even wireless video game systems. This wireless environment makes us

more mobile, and mobility is often important for a business.


may think that you do not need to upgrade because your business is

static - meaning that it doesn't move, in any way. You may not ever

attend shows, fairs, seminars, or other events where you would need to

collect payments. So, in that sense, you do not need to upgrade.

However, if you are still using wired devices, those devices are most

likely requiring the use of a second phone line in your business, which

eats into your profits. When you upgrade, you can do away with that

phone line. If you do attend trade shows and such, if you require a

phone line to process credit cards you will have to pay a great deal of

money each day for the use of that phone line, if one is even available

to you.

You may resist upgrading to a wireless credit card

terminal because you do business in remote places, where a signal is

not possible for the card transaction to be sent in for processing.

However, today's devices are so advanced that they can store card

information for processing later - when a signal is available - and you

can still conduct the business transaction as usual, even presenting

your customer with a nice, printed receipt. This is referred to as

store and forward technology.

These types of devices for

processing credit cards are very small and light. You can take them

anywhere that you need to be, and collect credit card payments no

matter where you are - regardless of the environment that you are in.

These devices are so small, that you can literally hold them in the

palm of your hand, and of course, you are not limited to the length of

a wire or cable.

Often, in areas where there is no opportunity to

use electricity, business owners use old imprinting devices to accept

credit cards, or they don't accept credit cards at all. A Wireless Credit Card Terminal replaces these outdated devices, making the

transaction much safer for your customer.

When you order a

wireless device for processing credit cards, typically the device will

be programmed for your business before it is sent to you. This is

important since setting up this type of technology can be very

confusing, even for those who are electronically savvy.

There are

many wireless credit card terminal devices to choose from, and

different models have different features, and different prices.

Typically, you can lease or purchase the device, and of course, you can

choose the device with the features that best suit your business and

your customers needs. You need wireless devices, in this wireless world.