17th December 2009

Accessories Needed for Magnetic Notice Boards

When you purchase magnetic notice boards, it is always a good idea to take a look at the various accessories that are also available.

When you purchase magnetic notice boards, it is always a good idea to take a look at the various accessories that are also available. These accessories exist for the purpose of getting the most use out of the boards that you have, making your company more efficient and productive in the process. Here are just a few of the available accessories for these boards that you might want to consider. 

● Magnetic Tape – Magnetic tape is almost essential. The idea is to attach one side of the tape to what needs to be displayed, with the other side being attached to the magnetic board. Obviously, two sided magnetic tape is available as well as magnetic tape that has adhesive on one side. You will do well to have both types available, and you should note that you can order rolls of magnetic tape, and cut the lengths that you need, or order rolls with pre-cuts already done as well. 

● Magnetic Clips for Magnetic Notice Boards – Often you will have a need to attach multiple papers in one place on the board, such as numerous messages for one employee. This is easily achieved with magnetic clips, which are large – or small – clips attached securely to a magnet, which will attach securely to any magnetized surface. 

● Magnetic File Trays – Magnetic file trays are available in a wide range of sizes, and these can be used effectively on magnetised boards as well. Not all businesses will have a use for these types of trays, but those who do find them very useful. A wide range of colours are also usually available. 

● Magnetic Ribbon for Customising Magnetic Notice Boards – This ribbon is great for labelling on your board. You can write on the ribbon, and depending on the ribbon that you select, you may be able to erase what is written so that you can reuse the ribbon as you need to. A variety of colours are also available. The best use of this ribbon, in terms of labelling, is when there is a reason to re-label information on a regular basis. 

● Write On/Wipe Off Magnets – These are becoming more popular in businesses. These are magnets that are used on notice boards, and other magnetic surfaces, but you can write on the outer surface of the magnets, and erase the writing as needed, with the use of dry erase markers. These magnets can be used in much the same way as magnetised ribbon is used. 

There are numerous other accessory options as well in terms of accessories that are used with magnetic notice boards. There are a vast number of different lettering and numbering systems available, with magnetised letters and numbers, or adhesive letters and numbers, as well as vinyl systems that can easily be used and removed – and then used again – as the need arises. Make sure that you take the time to browse through available accessories when you order your customised boards, to see just how much these boards and the available accessories can improve the way that you and your employees operate your business.