18th February 2010

Advantages of an Exhibition Stand Hire

So what are the advantages of an exhibition stand hire?

So what are the advantages of an exhibition stand hire? I don't really need to go into all the advantages of making sure your company is represented at trade shows and other similar events. It's simply a case of out of sight out of mind with most customers – meaning that if your customer isn't exposed to your brand regularly, he or she will simply forget that your company even exists. And of course we need not go into just how dangerous that can be.

Of course there is always plenty of competition at any trade event, and certainly a lot of your competitors may be better funded than you are, able to afford designer exhibition stands that your company, with its more limited fiscal resources cannot possibly consider. So you might consider an exhibition stand hire. Because you have to attempt, and indeed succeed, competing with these formidable opponents. Because the alternative is: failure, bankruptcy and ruin. Victory means survival in the world of business. The world of business may not have the ruthlessness of the jungle, but it certainly comes close to it.

Now obviously one of the essentials of representing your company at any trade fair or exhibition is an exhibition stand from which to promote your organisation and its fine line of products. However, considering that a good exhibition stand is a considerable investment, you want to be certain that the one you're buying is the one that will ultimately best suit your needs.

This is where an exhibition stand hire comes in. It makes sense – you hire a stand that you really feel fits the profile of your company, and try it out at the next exhibition. Use this stand as an experiment. Observe people's reactions to it – whether positive or negative. If people have a negative reaction to your stand, try to understand the reason why this is so, if necessary interviewing some of them. Then decide whether the stands ‘works' or not. If you definitely think it hasn't, you've lost comparatively little – simply try out another stand at the next exhibition, and another one after that, and another, until you happen upon a stand that 'clicks' – whereupon you promptly buy an identical one for your company. As you can see, there are considerable strategic advantages to an exhibition stand hire.

This way, when you do purchase that final stand, you can be absolutely sure of its effectiveness – and this will also make it a cost effective option in the long run, while also absolutely ensuring its effectiveness.

Hiring a stand is also an option to consider if your company has recently been through a hard time, and if you have to balance costs and profits very carefully to make sure the company survives. At such a time, the investment represented by purchasing a stand may not be possible to make – and equally well, it may not be wise. Yet at the same time, you just cannot afford to ignore a trade event or exhibition – with the company not doing so well, every extra customer, every extra sale is important.

So you can have the best of both worlds with an exhibition stand hire. Not only do you keep costs down, but you ensure that your company is represented at events that may trigger a climb back into profitability and success.