Advantages of having an Outdoor Banner Stands

22nd March 2010

If you visit trade shows and fairs in the course of your promotional campaign, most probably you have already had a chance to appreciate all the advantages of having a banner display. As a rule they arrange that sort of events indoors, therefore your banner does not have to be protected from poor weather conditions. However, a clever and progressive business owner will not limit himself/herself only to indoors activities: sometimes it is very productive to take part in a seasonal fair under the open sky, or just to display your banner at the roadside. For these purposes you will need outdoor banner stands.

They are different from the stands you normally use indoors: just try to use a conventional banner once, and you will see how torn and crumpled it can get. And of course they are not at all wind or rain resistant. As for the outdoor banners, all the peculiarities of an outdoor exhibition are taken in consideration. For example, these banners usually have a weighted base – it prevents your stand from being toppled by a breeze. Just imagine how irritating it would be if a stand falls all the time – firstly, it is rather expensive experiment as it requires the graphics to be replaced, and secondly it can prove dangerous for people close by. Perhaps you think that a heavy base will cost the outdoor banner stands their portability? Not at all. The base can be actually hollow, and during an exhibition you can simply fill it with sand or water.

But wind is comparatively smaller threat when you think about the effects of rain. Even if your stand has laminated graphics, which is not protective enough: water will penetrate under the lamination and spoil the prints. Therefore you should go for a waterproof material like PVS (polyvinyl chloride), which is highly reliable. It will ensure the durability of your graphics, so you will not have to spend any additional funds for changing them. Besides, PVS covering will also protect the outdoor banner stands from destructive effect of the sunlight.

If you would like to prolong the time of displaying the stands, make sure it has such an important accessory as a system of lighting: even two low voltage lights, if places correctly, will be able to make an outdoor stand visible even late at night.

As for the variety of models, styles and designs, they are in general the same as for the indoor stands. You can choose any of them taking into account the peculiarities of your business, potential locations of your presentation and of course your personal preferences. Remember, an outdoor banner stand should be not only eye catching, but also aesthetically designed and neatly manufactured.

The outdoor banner stands are in general slightly more expensive than conventional ones, but in the long run this extra money will turn out to be a very small amount to pay for durability of your banner. It will be used over and over again to bring a bit of your company to all the outdoor events you are going to visit.