Africa Oye festival organisers 'to focus on sustainability'

15th April 2010

Organisers that have won a contract allowing them to produce this year's Africa Oye festival have affirmed their commitment to using green equipment.

Event organisers with Green Ant Creative Events have secured a role in the event and has been exploring ways to make it more environmentally friendly, Event Magazine has reported.

Joe Blackman, director of the organisation, said that a number of conference equipment options have been explored.

He stated: "We continue to look at ways of creating a more sustainable event, with improved site cleansing and recycling facilities and more festival site dressing."

The Africa Oye festival has been running for 17 years in Sefton Park, Liverpool.

Earlier this week, the Ideal Home Show reported that it had experienced its most successful run in ten years, pulling in 250,000 visitors over 17 days.

Despite having a shorter run than in 2009, an additional 100,000 visitors attended the 2010 event.