After Event Insurance Will Take Care Of Any Afters

24th June 2010

After event insurance is a very special type of insurance policy that

can be purchased after the cause of a legal dispute has arisen and

usually provides cover for the costs incurred in the pursuit or defense

of litigation. This type of cover is ideal for nearly all areas of

litigation and is frequently used in both civil and commercial disputes.

There are a number of things that seem unlikely to happen, until you

come across them, yourself and the costs of the claim could cause a real

damage if appropriate insurance has not been taken out There is always

the downside to running an event of any scale, the risk and the policies

like these can play a great role to legally cover you and help you to

overcome any financial crisis.

• After event insurance policy has many benefits and it is quite easy to

arrange this cover for up to millions of pounds. You may also get the

flexibility to choose from pre-set limits of cover so that you only pay

for what you really require.  You can get premium discounts on most of

the insurance premiums that are available these days. Your premium is

likely to increase, depending upon the financial risk involved and the

closer the case gets to trial. This means, it will be broadly

proportionate to the cost exposure and provides the opponent a chance to

settle the case early in order to face a reduced liability for the


• Some insurance policies are usually available on a deferred and

self-insured (or contingent upon success) basis, meaning that the

premium is only payable at the conclusion of the case, and then only if

the case is successful.

• A claim can be made under the policy for the insured legal costs and

the insurer does not ask for a premium, if the case in unsuccessful. In

most cases, you may also be allowed to negotiate cover for the client’s

own solicitors’ fees, or a proportion of such fees.

• There are companies with resources to get your event off the ground

and can really provide you with the right plan and guide you through the

entire application process. Most after event insurance companies offer

secure online facilities, so that you can arrange your cover online as

fast as you possibly can. You must compare the operating costs against

the premiums required, before applying for your insurance, and always

use a number of different providers and choose the one that best suits

your needs and budget.

• You can also opt to insure your own disbursements, including things

like counsel’s fees, as the insurance might not provide cover for the

client’s own disbursements on an interim basis, but only at the

conclusion of the case in the event of an unsuccessful outcome.

While planning an event, you also need to make arrangements, if a mishap

or a catastrophe occurs. With the right after event insurance, you can

manage the financial and legal consequences of almost any problem with

absolute confidence.