After The Event Insurance Policy Is Easy To Set Up

24th June 2010

After the event insurance policy is designed to cover you for the

cost of disbursements such as the court costs, medical report fees,

opponent’s costs etc, if you lose your case or decide not to carry on

any further.  By getting this policy, you can have a total peace of

mind, as it is very simple to understand, cost effective and can be

tailored to the client's specific requirements.

Not all insurance companies offer this type of insurance, they will

usually review a situation carefully before issuing a policy, to find

out how much risk may be involved in issuing the policy, and many write

custom policies which are very specifically tailored to particular

situations. There are however many more now offering this insurance than

there were just a few years ago.

• After the event insurance policy is purchased after the event which

would trigger litigation, in contrast with before the event insurance, a

form of legal protection insurance which is purchased to protect people

from legal fees if something happens.  It covers many things including

insolvency, clinical negligence, personal injury, or bankruptcy,

commercial and contractual, road traffic accidents and much more. This

policy is ideal for anything from large volume case loads such as road

traffic accident and slip, trip, fall or any other personal injury to

more complex ones such as some quite extraordinary cases.

• This type of cover is quite vital to enable solicitors to pursue

justice for clients, safe in the knowledge that they are covered should

cases not go according to plan.

• With after the event insurance policy, when someone thinks that he or

she may be going to court with a case, an insurance company can write

such policy which will cover the client's legal fees. In case, the

client wins, then his or her opponent will have to pay the fees,

including the premium for the insurance, but if the client loses, the

insurance will cover the expenses that he or she would otherwise have to

bear. The premiums for this insurance are paid at the end of the case

and are staged, such that there are discounted premiums for early


• You can also extend your policy to include interim adverse costs

orders, opponent’s costs and own disbursements, investigative costs,

counsel’s fees etc, the premium as well as retrospective adverse costs

and a whole lot more.

• There are companies with a sound knowledge of legal processes and

statutes, who are always keen to deliver their expertise to the clients

in the most straightforward way. They have online system to ensure quick

decisions and high levels of delegated authority so you can remain

focused on more important jobs in hand. They can offer deferred payment

terms, as well as competitive premiums and can also guarantee premium


After the event insurance policy is a special type of insurance which

offers reliable, flexible and innovative solutions to meet the needs of

every kind of law firm and client.