After The Event Insurance Providers Can Give You Your Perfect Policy

24th June 2010

There are many experienced after the event insurance providers in the country, who can not only guide you through your case, but also help you get the flexible solutions and innovative products for the solicitors and firms, which are especially made for the needs of everyone including solicitors, policyholders, insurers and the courts. They will work with you to either find or negotiate financial products that best match your specific requirements. Most of them are well experienced in the specialised area of financial risk transfer. They can help get the client insured as early as possible and proceed with the claim in the knowledge that the client is fully protected until the conclusion of the case.

• After the event insurance providers can help you deal with legal expenses insurance policy, offering cover for the costs incurred in the pursuit or defense of litigation. They are always passionate about customer service and can make available testimonials upon request from a number of the leading law firms.

• This type of insurance policy also covers the cost of its own premium in the event that the claim is unsuccessful.  On the other hand, if the case is successful, the premium is paid for by the other party as part of its liability for the opposing party’s costs. The claimant does not need to pay for the premium upfront, as it is also deferred until the case has concluded.

• There are some after the event insurance providers, who have only recently begun offering insurance policy for clinical negligence and so their policies are only just being tested.  Whereas, there are many others, who have quite successfully established themselves in this field and are quite experienced to get you the best possible deals and also allow you to have direct access to experienced underwriters throughout the entire process of the case.

• They would look through your case quite closely against the amount declared on the proposal as well as on the performance of your scheme and provide you with a feedback. In a situation where your case is taking too long, these specialists can also help you manage everything, until your case has been fully dealt with.

• You may be allowed to submit individual cases by some companies. If you are considering of purchasing insurance, you have to do it quickly as it would be much more difficult to obtain it as the case progresses.  This is due to the fact, that once liability has been denied or negotiations have broken down, the risks in the case becomes higher and most insurers are not keen to take any risk at that stage. That’s not the case, with some of the other policies including top-up insurance cover and before-the-event policy.

Events are of great importance to any business, as they can drastically increase the number of people and significantly increase the pool of your potential customers.  In order to protect you against any unexpected costs during or after an event, the after the event insurance providers can make sure you are covered with the right type of insurance.