After The Event Legal Expenses Insurance

24th June 2010

After the event legal expenses insurance is normally taken out in

order to cover your legal costs after you have suffered a non-fault

personal injury or whether you have decided to make a claim. This policy

allows a cover for legal expenses and disbursements for both you and

your opponent by the after-the-event insurance policy which we will take

out for you. Most insurance providers work on a no win no fee basis, so

that you will not have to pay our fees if your case is unsuccessful. In

some cases, if you want to make a personal injury claim, it might not

cost you anything, no matter what the outcome of your case, maybe.

• It can be quite hard to determine at times, how much you will have to

pay out in solicitor's fees and disbursements if your claim is

unsuccessful. A after the event legal expenses insurance provider will

review the information that you have and will outline their terms and

conditions and will also give an indication of the amount of premium to

the solicitor handling the case before the policy has been instigated.

He or she will keep in mind your chances of winning before deciding

whether to issue you the insurance or not. The best thing about this

policy is that there is usually no upfront premium payable by the client

and the premium is payable at the conclusion of the case and is usually

recoverable from your opponent if your claim is successful.

• Some cases are far more difficult than other, wherein the claimant

client seeks an account, damages, repayment of debts allegedly due and a

counter-claim is also anticipated alleging that the claimant has shown


• Most after the event legal expenses insurance would allow the

opponents to be put on notice that the premium had been incurred as an

additional liability and therefore would be being asked to pay on

successful conclusion of the case and that if the matter does not settle

further extra liability costs will then be incurred. This usually

allows opponents the opportunity to settle the case before further

additional liability costs are incurred and should a dispute arise over

costs, then the details, and information regarding this can be placed

before the judge for the final decision.

• The cost of your insurance may vary, depending upon the factors like,

the amount of compensation you are claiming for, how soon after the

event you are making your claim, the likelihood that your claim will be a

success and whether the premium is paid upfront or will be paid after

the case has been settled.

• This type of policy offers protection for almost all areas of

litigation and is frequently used in both civil and commercial disputes

and is equally important to private individuals, destitute or indebted

clients, or large blue chip companies.

After the event legal expenses insurance also called a post-event

insurance, provides cover after an accident has happened and after you

have seriously thought about making a claim.