After The Event Legal Expenses Insurance Is A Primary Coverage

14th July 2010

After the event legal expenses insurance is a primary coverage for your

business or organisation, in circumstances where both you and your

client are named in a claim and your client is found to be solely at

fault. In order for a claim to make financial sense, it’s quite

important that the proposed defendant must be either insured or in a

financially stable position and be able to satisfy any agreement for

settlement or any damages awarded in a court case. There is always a

chance that the claimant will lose, if the case goes to the court, and

it is under these circumstances that the claimant has to protect himself

by taking out an appropriate insurance cover.

As the importance

of after the event legal expenses insurance is on the increase, many

business owners are taking advantage of simple and easy to use online

application process so that no time is wasted in visiting and discussing

the insurance details.

You can buy your insurance either on a

BTE basis, by adding cover to a household, motor or general commercial

policy or on ATE basis, covering the other side’s costs for an event

that has already taken place. This includes a personal injury, contract

dispute or insolvency litigation.

In most cases, you pay for your

own legal fees, VAT and payments made by your solicitor to others

(like, medical report fees).  If you are successful in your case, the

court will generally order that the person, who is responsible for your

injury, or his or her insurer, will have to pay your legal fees.  If you

already have paid any fees, it can be rebated upon receipt of the fees

from your opponent.

Your trade union will be able to meet your

legal costs in the event of you bringing a claim. You can also get free

legal advice from them, if you have paid contributions to the union. 

They often have a panel of approved solicitors, and they will select a

solicitor on your behalf to conduct your case.

After the event

legal expenses insurance also provides access to advice and cover for

the legal costs of pursuing or defending certain classes of legal action

and is available to both individuals and companies. There is no upfront

premium payable by the client and the premium is payable at the

conclusion of the case, which can be recovered.

You can also add

the family members in the insurance or get it changed to a group

insurance scheme for the lives of the entire group. There are many

reputable and well established insurance providers in the market these

days, who will assess everything in detail at no cost to you, will give

you the quotes and recommend the best product for your specific needs.


the event legal expenses insurance is meant to give you easy as well as

affordable solution to meet your needs and protect your business or