25th June 2010

After The Event Legal Insurance For Events

Whether you are an individual or a commercial client, getting after the event legal insurance can sometimes be a daunting task for you.

Whether you are an individual or a commercial client, getting after

the event legal insurance can sometimes be a daunting task for you. You

may apply for cover through your solicitor whether you are a

corporation, a company, charity, partnership or individual.  Most

clients, these days involved in litigation are looking for greater costs

certainty than ever before. This is a type of insurance which is

designed to protect people from legal costs if they take a case to court

and is ideal for the clients lacking the financial strength of their

opponent. Whether you are a may apply for cover through their

solicitor.It is purchased after the event which would trigger litigation

and can surely unlock litigation which may otherwise not be pursued

because of the risk of losing a case and having to pay the opponent’s


• There are many recognised after the event legal insurance companies,

with sound knowledge of the legal processes and statutes, who can help

solicitors to provide the innovative and cost effective solution in a

wide range of civil and commercial litigation. With this type of cover,

the solicitors can pursue justice for clients, safe in the knowledge

that they are covered should cases not go as planned. 

• They are efficient and friendly, making sure that quick decisions can

be made. This would allow you to concentrate on the other important

issues. They work with law firms of all shapes and sizes and have

partnership with them, helping them to deliver results to their clients

across a variety of cases.

• Premiums after the event legal insurance policies are usually

recoverable and proportionate to the risks in the case. You can quite

easily get an instant online quote without having to give all your

personal information, in few easy steps. In reply, you will receive your

event insurance policy and terms and conditions within minutes. If you

fully understand the policy and feel confident about it, you can simply

purchase it on line, as it is really easy to complete and submit the

application in few minutes.

• It is also a good idea to consult a lawyer when buying such policy,

even if you are not positive that a case will end up in court, because

the lawyer may have some advice on which insurance company to go for. He

or she will also review the policy to confirm whether it will be

suitable and effective once the legal proceedings are contemplated.

• The insurance always provides part of the cover to pay for the

premium.  Consequently, if the client has been unsuccessful and there is

a claim on the policy, the cost of the premium forms part of the claim

so that the client does not need to make any payment.

Events can be quite stressful at times, so you must always ensure that

you have catered for all eventualities by making arrangements for all of

your insurance requirements. A comprehensive and effective after the

event legal insurance policy can most certainly, give you a peace of

mind and help you survive any financial disasters.