After The Event Litigation Insurance - Designed For Your Specific Needs

14th July 2010

Most after the event litigation insurance policies are specifically

designed for the client’s specific needs, providing them with different

levels of indemnity for higher risk as well as higher value claims. The

policy is usually arranged after the legal dispute has arisen, so every

policy is based on the attributes of the individual case. It is ideal

for solicitors, thus helping them with the opportunity to expand their

litigation caseload. It is also suitable for corporate buyers and

business travellers. While planning an event, you also need to make

plans, if a catastrophe occurs and whatever your requirements may be,

this policy that will work for you.

The bespoke after the event

litigation insurance policy can be uniquely tailored to the exact

requirements of the client’s case, with wording specific to their case.

If you are dealing with larger or more complex cases, then this is the

policy for you. It includes a range of disputes including civil

litigation, professional and clinical negligence, and insolvency or

property disputes.

The premium of the policy is often fully

deferred and payable on conclusion of a successful case. It will be

recoverable from the unsuccessful party along with your own costs. If

the case is unsuccessful the client would not have to pay the premium

whether he is winning or losing. You will be allowed to choose from

pre-set limits of cover so that you only pay for what you really require

and also get premium discounts on your package.

After the event

litigation insurance policy does not provide the claimant with

sufficient funds to take the case forward in the first place, but it

does minimise the risks of litigation if the case is lost and the

claimant has to pay the costs of the proceedings. It however does offer a

cheaper way by which both corporate and private litigants can protect

themselves in the event of an adverse outcome.

With the help of

reputable insurance providers, you can get the best cover at the

earliest stage possible and be fully protected until the conclusion of

the case. With their simple, straightforward, partnership approach, they

will guide you through your case and help you to adhere to the policy

conditions and other requirements at all times. They offer you the tools

to manage all the risks either in the pursuit or defence of litigation.


insurers will also carry out an independent review of the case and

within a reasonable period of time let you know whether the case is

eligible for the cover and also give you with an indication of terms. By

utilising current technology they not only offer you cost effective

solutions but also get things done as quickly and efficiently as

possible. They would help you to speak to specialist underwriters and

claims handlers, in order to keep processes moving smoothly.


the event litigation insurance policy will open up many opportunities

for solicitors and their clients, enabling them to run cases for

existing clients that would have normally been run privately.