03rd December 2009

An Instant Merchant Account Will Save You Time and Money

When a business decides that they wish to open an instant merchant account there are several options to think about. Why should I open one? What benefits are there?

When a business decides that they wish to open an instant merchant account there are several options to think about.  Why should I open one?  What benefits are there?  Well here a few benefits that I found:

• Need of Online Presence Quickly at a Fixed Price
• Save Company Time
• Increase in Company Flexibility
• Increase in Company Revenue
• More Mobility When Needed
• Accept All Major Credit/Debit Cards
• Accept and Process Payments Easily
• Low Fees
• Customer Support

Merchant accounts can be set up with multiple companies and the options are plenty.  Some companies offer specials or “FREE” accounts with the purchase of equipment.  Any merchant looking to venture into credit and debit card processing should always do their research before opening an account.

The right instant merchant account can open up many new doors for small or even large business.  Being able to accept payments of any kind is a huge advantage over the competition.  Many consumers do not shop at businesses that do not offer a variety of payment options because the consumer needs that flexibility.

The old days of accepting just cash and checks now appear to be over.  When looking to provide customers with a better retail environment it only makes sense to add credit and debit card processing.  I know I do not have cash on me but I have plenty of cards to choose from!

An instant merchant account can save a business so much time that it seems mind-boggling.  The adage that “time is money” still applies and saving time makes a big difference between successful businesses and bankrupt ones.   A merchant account can put a stop to all of the bounced checks, unbalanced cash registers, and common accounting headaches as all of that is taken care of internally by the processor.

Some of the things that all businesses should look for when setting up merchant accounts are checking out the bank that will issue the merchant credit card account, what clearinghouse is the bank using, what hardware/software gateways are needed, a merchant credit card broker (not necessary but helpful) and maybe most importantly, the security.  

Security is a main reason for setting up an instant merchant account.  The processing using a merchant account provides the business and the consumer security within the transaction.  A swipe of card (that sometimes does not even leave the customer’s hand), a PIN code that is only known by the customer, and a printed copy of a receipt make the merchant account a great success.

When looking at which company to choose your PDQ Machines from, it is vital that the business remembers three things.  The service provided when accepting credit and debit cards should be safe, priced right and simple to use!  The rest of the options will vary depending on what type of business the service is intended for.

An instant merchant account can be great to help a business grow and whether you set up a traditional, offshore, high risk, or third-party account it is vital to know your options and be fully aware of what the business needs to be successful.