14th December 2009

Are Blackboards Preferable to White Boards for Your Organization?

Many businesses find that they benefit from large blackboards or white boards.


businesses find that they benefit from large blackboards or white boards. More

often, however, those businesses are choosing white boards to the standard, old

fashioned boards that require dry chalk, for a variety of reasons. Surprisingly,

many business owners do not replace their outdated boards, when the white

boards are so much more desirable to most people. Let’s take a look at the

advantages of white boards.

  • White boards use dry erase

    markers. Dry erase markers come in a wide variety of colours, with a huge

    selection of tip sizes. You can’t get these options with chalk. Like their

    counterparts, you can erase white boards. Markers also don’t make the same

    irritating sounds that chalk makes. You can even get special caddies for

    your dry erase markers to keep them organized.

  • Blackboards are far messier

    than white boards. Aside from having chalk all over your hands and

    clothing, you will also have chalk all over your floor and furnishings as

    well. Cleaning these types of boards is also a messy process. You simply

    do not have this mess with white boards, because dry erase markers leave

    little residue behind, and unless you are clumsy with the markers, you

    won’t have it all over your hands and clothing. Cleaning a white board is

    as simple as spraying it with the appropriate cleanser and wiping it dry.

  • White boards are easier to see

    and read. It’s actually hard to see chalk on a dark colour board, where as

    the white background of a white board, with the use of colourful markers,

    makes the writing on the board incredibly easy to see and read. This is

    especially important when the board is used in large rooms with lots of


  • White boards look nicer than

    blackboards. From an aesthetic point of view, white boards simply look

    clean and neat. They can fit into any surrounding very easily, unlike

    dark, messy boards. White boards can also be used anywhere easily. They

    can even be used as dividing walls in your office, enabling you and your

    employees to essentially write on the walls as needed.

  • White boards are no more or

    less expensive than the alternative. Naturally, the cost of your white

    board is determined by the size of the board, and the materials used in

    its construction, but a normal white board is no more or less expensive

    than its traditional alternative. Dry erase markers may be more expensive

    than chalk – but they also last a great deal longer than chalk lasts.

As you can see, there is a fairly strong case for

selecting white boards over blackboards. Because white boards do not cost any

more than their counterparts, this is really the better of the two options, and

an option that your employees and your clients will most likely thank you for

in the end. Consider the options carefully before making a selection, and in

most cases, you will see that a white board is really the best option.