Are Fold Up Chairs the Right Choice for Your Event?

3rd December 2009

If you need

seating for your event, there are many options to choose from. Most people will

go with metal fold up chairs simply because this is thought to be the cheapest

and easiest option – especially if you need a lot of chairs. But this isn’t the

only option, and it certainly isn’t always the best option. Use this guide to

select the right chairs for your event.

  • How formal is your event? If

    your event is rather formal, metal chairs may not be what you want. While

    these types of chairs do come in a variety of styles, and you may be able

    to find a style that suits the formality of your event, you might also

    want to look into the possibility of stackable chairs that are more

    elegant. Don’t overlook the fact that plain metal chairs can also be made

    to look more elegant than they actually are in some cases.

  • Will fold up chairs project the

    right image for your business or company? If portraying an expensive,

    formal, or elegant image for your business or company is important, metal

    chairs may not be at all suitable. Take the time to consider this, and

    look at all of the options available to you, without ignoring the budget

    that you have to work with.

  • Is there a better option that

    fits your budget? Often it is surprising to find that there actually is a

    better option that will fit into your budget. This isn’t to say that metal

    chairs should be avoided – they do serve their purpose – but they do not

    serve all purposes. Talk to the leasing company to see what your other

    options are before making a final decision. Again, you may be surprised at

    what is available, and often available for around the same price.

  • Will the fold up chairs need to

    be transported at any time? If you will need to transport the chairs from

    one location to another, these metal chairs may be your only option,

    depending on the transportation available to you.

  • Are the chairs comfortable

    enough? Depending on the length of your event, and the people who will be

    attending, comfort could be a very big issue. Fortunately, most leasing

    companies give you a choice between plain metal chairs and those with

    cushioned seats. Some even have arm rests available. Make sure that the

    people attending your event will be comfortable – especially if they will

    be sitting for long periods of time.

Fold up chairs may or may not be the right choice for

your event furniture. If you use this information and apply it to your specific event,

and the people expected to attend, you can easily make the decision. However,

if you decide against these chairs, you will need to find out what your other

options are, and if those options will still fit into your budget. Also realize

that metal chairs are being designed in better ways, and you will want to find

out what the leasing company has to offer you.