Art Exhibition Insurance Will Cover Your Art

11th December 2009

If your business is beautiful paintings, sculptures, or any other design project it important to make sure that you have sufficient business coverage for those fine items.  Art exhibition insurance provides just that to your business and can be very affordable.

Whether your business is holding onto items through loan or the items are traveling exhibits set to venture the land it is important to secure great coverage.  The reason is that each passing minute provides increased risks to your fine items and without coverage these items can be damaged or destroyed.

Most exhibition insurance for art is what is called “door-to-door”, meaning that the item or items are covered from the time they leave their display case in your business to the time the item or items are safely secured.  This means that the item or items are covered even in transit from one location to the next.

By answering a few questions the provider can set up coverage that is right for your business’ items.  It is quite amazing how the adjuster by simply receiving a few answers can anticipate what type of risks are involved and then narrow down the premium for your coverage to exactly what you need.

When looking to purchase coverage for your fine items there are some things that you should expect from your provider.  Some of the things you might look for when purchasing art exhibition insurance are:

• What is the coverage term for a single show? (30 days, etc.)
• If I plan on doing multiple shows what coverage is available? (Yearly, etc.)
• Are there restrictions on attendees?
• What does the coverage cover? (Theft, fire, etc.)
• How long does it take for coverage to start?
• Can I renew my coverage at any time, or when?

After receiving answers to these questions more questions may arise, do not be afraid to ask as many questions as you need to in order to ensure that you receive the appropriate coverage for your company.  Some companies will offer very creative ways to cover your items and the event.  Any individual requirements or odd requests that you may have need to be addressed.

The coverage for your business needs to be broad enough that it will cover your event no matter what the size is, whether the event is held inside or outside, or even within temporary structures.  Art exhibition insurance policies need to provide the company with a sense of relief and be cost effective.

Experience and expert customer service should be expected from any company that provides this type of coverage.  For the price that your business intends on paying make sure that the company can provide quick and fair payment of claims.  There are some requirements depending on which company you choose so be careful and know what you need before purchasing your coverage.

If your company needs to cover their big event and fine items then utilizing exhibition insurance is the right call.  Most providers are easy to contact and would love to supply your business with an up to the minute art exhibition insurance quote right now!