10th May 2010

Art Insurance Is Crucial If You Plan To Exhibit Your Artwork

If you own some art, and especially if you are going to exhibit it, it would be wise to get art insurance.

If you own some art, and especially if you are going to exhibit it,

it would be wise to get art insurance. No matter how safely your pieces

of art are kept, there is also an element of unpredictable in our life,

that is why it is highly recommended to get protected. A lot of people

who have a collection of art prefer to cover it under the general

policy of their homeowners property. And this is a nice solution: it is

always easier to deal with one company rather than establish a contact

with another one. That is why simply ask your insurers about the types

of other insurances they provide: most probably they will have exactly

what you need.

However, if your collection is especially valuable, it is better to

take separate art insurance. For such collection you will need the

advantages that homeowners insurances just cannot provide. It is

advisable to find a good insurance specialist and to ask about all the

possible options. Usually a client is offered additional coverage for

recent purchases and the benefits of rare exclusions. A professional

specialty insurer will specialise in both collectibles and art. Do not

buy the first insurance you come upon: it is recommended to check at

least several companies to be able to make a general conclusion and

choose the most appropriate variant. The rates and conditions for the

same insurance in various companies can differ a lot.

Before getting art insurance it is also very important to find out the

exact cost of your collection. If you know how much it is worth, it

will be easier to determine the amount of coverage. That is why you

collection should be apprised in advance. It has an additional

advantage: most companies will offer you a relatively large discount if

your collection of art was apprised in the last twenty four months. It

is not a secret that prices are not always stable, and the cost can

shift according to the situation on market. That is why it would be

great to get your art apprised every three to five years. It should be

done even after you bought this insurance.

While getting art insurance you should keep on mind that it is not

always needed to have a coverage for one hundred percent of your

collection's value. Of course, in most companies they will tell you

that it is absolutely necessary, and you will have to pay a bigger

premium. However, the decision is yours, and in some cases it is enough

to insure for less. If you keep the parts of your collection in

different places, the probability of an accident or disaster in all of

them at the same time is not very high. Also, if you do not move your

collection and it is exhibited only in one location, they are out of

reach of moving damage.

Art insurance will help you to recover your finances in case of an

accident, though of course you should be extremely careful with

masterpieces which are dear to your heart.