10th May 2010

Audio Visual Technician Is A Versatile Position

An Audio Visual Technician is a specialised job which is required in most places such as corporate establishments, rental shops, educational institutes etc.

An Audio Visual Technician is a specialised

job which is required in most places such as corporate establishments, rental

shops, educational institutes etc. This job is in great demand because of the

use of highly advanced electronic equipment that is found at all these

institutes. Their main responsibility is to set up, operate and maintain all

types of audio visual equipment which are required for events.

As mentioned above, these persons work in a

variety of settings: education, conferences, exhibitions, business events as

well as for entertainment. The work might vary from preparing all the required

equipment for a lecture to organising the sounds and lighting for a fashion

show. Whatever the type of work might be, an Audio Visual Technician has to

make the best use of their technical skills with the available technology in

order to deliver professional results.

Based on the great demand for audio visual

equipment, there are a number of online and offline stores renting out a wide

range of these electronic equipment. Most establishments and institutes,

especially the business sector prefers to settle in for rentals rather than

investing on their own equipment. This is a common phenomenon at conferences,

exhibitions, trade shows etc. Thus these professional persons are now very much

required at these rental companies too.

Given below are a few tasks that may

include into a job position of an Audio Visual Technician:

  • Discussion a request with a client and setting up equipment to

    meet their requirements

  • Operating equipment and controls at any given event –

    conferences, exhibitions, concerts, live shows etc.

  • Carrying out regular checks and maintaining all equipment
  • Ordering new supplies when needed

The above are a few basic requirements

which are needed for this position. Job responsibilities will vary according to

the type of establishment that the person is required.

Given below are some requirements that this

professional needs to have:

  • Excellent technical skills and

    familiarity with all the main types of audio visual equipment.

  • Very good trouble shooting

    skills and the ability to solve technical problems quickly – especially during


  • Computer skills
  • To have a controlled

    personality and should be able to work under pressure and during tight


  • Practical and creative skills
  • Should be capable of working on

    their own initiative

  • Good with team work

Training may be provided in some

institution on appointment; however, Audio Visual Technicians are expected to

keep learning about the different technologies which is developing very rapidly

in the world today.

These are some of the common equipment that

these technicians are required to use:

  • Slide projectors, overhead and multimedia projectors
  • DVD, CD and video recorders/players
  • Stills and video cameras
  • Lighting equipment
  • PA/Sound systems
  • LCD and plasma screens
  • Cabling
  • Control Rigs
  • Video conferencing tools
  • Editing Suite
  • Any other equipment related to audio visual systems

These specialised positions which are now

in great demand are an opportunity for anyone who is interested in the

technicalities of electronic equipment. An Audio Visual Technician has the

opportunity to enhance their knowledge whilst on a job with the ability to

handle the latest electronic devices that are put out into the market.