10th December 2009

AV Hire Considerations for Long Term Rentals

If you will be doing an AV hire for a long period of time, there are many things to take into consideration.

If you will be doing an AV hire for a long period of time,

there are many things to take into consideration. Unfortunately, many

businesses do not find out all of the important details when arranging for a

long term lease or rental, and in the end, this ends up costing them more

money. You can avoid this by asking the following questions before you sign

that lease agreement, and realize that many companies will design a lease

agreement based on what it is that you want or need when it comes to long term

leases because they want and need your business.

  • What

    is the total cost, including fees, for the rental term? You need to know

    what the monthly or yearly costs are, but you also need to know what the

    total cost for the lease period is as well. You also need to find out

    about taxes that are charged, as well as additional fees. Is insurance

    included? Is insurance even available to you?

  • Is

    servicing included in the cost of the AV hire? Often, equipment must be

    serviced. It may also need regular maintenance. Is it your responsibility

    to do this maintenance? Will you be charged for servicing if the equipment

    breaks down? You need to know the details concerning servicing and

    maintenance of the equipment before you sign that lease agreement, as

    servicing and maintenance can be expensive.

  • What

    about installation? Will the equipment be delivered and installed for you?

    Will it be installed to your specifications? Not all services include

    installation, although it may be available at an additional cost. Some

    equipment doesn’t really need installation at all, but you need to know

    this before you sign the agreement.

  • Is

    this a rent-to-own AV hire? Often, you may be purchasing the equipment

    that you’ve leased without realizing it. If owning the equipment is not

    what you are interested in, make sure that you avoid rent-to-own

    situations. Remember that equipment eventually breaks down or becomes

    outdated, and if you own it, it will be up to you to replace it. This

    brings us to our final point.

  • What

    are the terms concerning replacements and upgrades of the equipment? If

    you are leasing equipment that will eventually wear out or become

    outdated, what are the terms of the lease regarding the replacement or

    upgrade of the equipment? Will you have to start all over with deposits

    and such, or will the upgrade or replacement happen without having to

    start completely over with a new lease. How often will the lease be

    renewed, and who determines when the equipment needs to be replaced or

    upgraded? These are very important considerations that will determine

    whether your business is using the best equipment or not.

Long term leases are often ideal for many businesses, even

for AV hire equipment. However, again, if you don’t ask the right questions in

the beginning, you may be in for many unpleasant surprises down the road –

surprises that really do end up costing you more money. Make sure that you are

getting the best deal, and that Audio Visual Hire is really better than purchasing for

your company and your specific needs.